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Sarah Darkmagic - Posted on 04 November 2009

Fear the Boot (FtB) is a podcast, blog and forum site for discussing tabletop role-playing games. The podcast is released on a weekly basis and is generally about an hour to an hour and a half long. While some of the hosts vary between episodes, they all are pretty opinionated in differing ways but know how to have a civil discussion in the meantime. In addition to their podcast episodes, they have a great blog. I particularly enjoyed the post, NCIS as a model for an adventuring group.

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They are a good podcast, although I do occasionally find them falling into a "our style of RPGing is better than yours" tangent. That beings aid, they do recognize it and work hard to not go there. I would also recommend, int he same style of podcasting, The Podgecast. Some of the hosts on The Podgecast used to be hosts on Fear he Boor a couple of years ago.

Yeah, I sometimes find myself wanting to yell at them. Usually, less than 30 seconds after my rant starts to form, one of them says something that softens the blow and I don't have to proclaim that I won't be going to bed because someone is wrong on the internet. What I like most about them, as someone who has hung out with geeks my entire life but only recently started playing any of the rpgs, is that I get the distilled version of many different approaches to games in something I can consume while doing other things. For that alone, I'm willing to overlook quite a bit.

And thanks for the suggestion of another podcast to add to my list.

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