Sarah Darkmagic - Posted on 30 July 2022

I'll be honest, trying to write, especially here, over the past few years has been a challenge. A LOT has happened to me and, well, everyone, over the past 6 years. Thinking about this site and who I was gives me imposter syndrome something fierce. But I really miss writing and sharing myself, so let's give it a shot.

First, my tech career sort of took a rapid incline. I've made it all the way to Sr Principal Engineer at this point and over the 6 years, I've sat in operations, development, and now security. My job takes a significant portion of my time and I haven't had as much to update this site, etc. Hopefully I can work on that some more now that other areas of my life are getting a little easier.

Speaking of which, the biggest project of my life turned 6 years old last week. I'm not sure who ok'ed that milestone happening, but here we are. He keeps me on my toes, loves games and silly voices and wants to be a YouTuber, so hopefully I can get him rolling some dice soon.

I did art. A fair bit of art. I'm getting...less embarrassed by it, so there's that! :)

And I kept podcasting, as much as I could with what's on my plate.

Speaking of which, the pandemic has been interesting for us. I was able to keep working through it (both kept my job and always found a way to keep an eye on the little dude). We moved to be closer to my parents which has also given some breathing room. We lost some folks in our network and had more who got long COVID, but overall we've made it through with our health and some sanity.

I'm hoping to get back to playing soon. I just got a new laptop which will help with the writing here and playing at least some computer games. Already installed Steam and played Botanicula of all games. Have lots I want to talk and write about. Have you seen the explosion of view points in D&D?

Anyway, thanks for being here.

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