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Sarah Darkmagic - Posted on 12 April 2010

To make things as easy as possible for the start, people can email their submissions to

Submission Format:
System (e.g. D&D 4e, Pathfinder)
Setting (e.g. Generic, Eberron, Forgotten Realms)
Link(s) If applicable, where the GM could go for more information

In addition to the above information, you should provide a PDF of your adventure/encounter.

Submission Guidelines:

  • All maps and artwork must be your original work or you must have the permission of the copyright holder to use their work, especially for larger maps. It may be acceptable to include a thumbnail sized map created by a program like PyMapper. By submitting your adventure, you certify that you are not violating copyright law.
  • If you are using a monster straight from a Wizards of the Coast product, please reference it by DDI url and/or book where it can be found. Please do not include the full monster stats. If you are using a modified monster, please use the stat block from Monster Builder with the copyright notice attached. If the monster is completely your own creation, just format it nicely.
  • All submissions continue to be your property. However, you give us license to display and distribute them through our site.

Send feedback using the contact form or through twitter, @sarahdarkmagic.

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