The Tyrant's Oath

Sarah Darkmagic - Posted on 28 May 2010

“The Tyrant’s Oath” places a group of adventurers between two warlords struggling for dominance over the region of Elkridge; a bandit queen who has subjugated the local village and a yuan-ti occultist that transforms the villagers into snaketongue minions. The heroes must decide who to trust and form an alliance that will save the inhabitants of Elkridge. In the process, they'll settle blood debts with their swords, command a battle in the swamp, and face unimaginable danger in the cultists' secret temple. "The Tyrant's Oath" is an adventure for 6th-level characters.

A towering promontory of rock dominates the center of the marsh. At this range, you can just see a broad set of carved stairs that leads from the base up to a roughly hewn opening. Snakelike creatures enter and exit through this fissure, and many more stand guard outside. Snaketongue warriors on giant lizards glide over the marsh as they make wide patrols.

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D&D 4e
Generic D&D
Wizards of the Coast
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