Nightmares Unleashed

Sarah Darkmagic - Posted on 04 April 2010

When Redra was a girl, her mother was tormented by a recurring, unchanging nightmare. Eventually, the terror drove her insane, and in her fright, she plunged blindly into the forest where she was killed by horrid beasts. Beginning the very next night, the nightmare became Redra's, and it has stayed with her for seven horrific years. Tonight she will end the horror, one way or another. "Nightmares Unleashed" is an adventure designed for characters of 4th and 5th level.

The dream is always the same. The woman walks alone. A stream of smoke pours out of her mouth and swirls across the ground. In moments, it takes the form of a seven-foot tall winged, horned, humanoid holding a flaming blade. The creature looks into the woman's eyes, into her soul, and speaks: "She must not live." It raises its fiery sword, but the woman turns away and flees. She tries to scream but can't. She stumbles and falls. As she rolls onto her back, the menacing figure steps over her and swings its sword down ...

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Craig A. Campbell
D&D 4e
Generic D&D
Wizards of the Coast
DDI Subscription Required
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