Coppernight's Salvation

Sarah Darkmagic - Posted on 11 May 2010

Trapped beneath his fledgling mining operation, the dwarf Kavalar Coppernight and the few of his miners who survived an attack are running out of food and water. Their only hope is that the local town might send out a force looking for them. But the attack on Coppernight Hold was motivated by more than simple banditry.

"Coppernight Hold" is the first delve in the D&D Dungeon Delve supplement. In it, characters investigated mysterious disappearances at the site of a mine operated by the dwarf Kavalar Coppernight. The mining operation was attacked by a group of kobolds that were serving a wyrmling white dragon. At the end of that delve, the heroes vanquished the wyrmling dragon and her kobold servants. What lay beyond the closed iron doors of the dragon's chamber was left up to the DM to decide ... until now. "Coppernight's Salvation" picks up where "Coppernight Hold" left off and lets characters explore and fight deeper into the embattled mine. This is a Dungeon Delve for 1st-level characters.

A battle must have taken place here. Crystal clear water, roughly knee-deep to a human, pours out of a hole in the cavern wall. It forms a pool in front of the entrance before flowing off to the right, where you can hear the sound of falling water. Several suits of dwarf-sized armor litter the pool and the dry ground nearby.

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Shawn Merwin
D&D 4e
Generic D&D
Wizards of the Coast
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