Clash of Steel

Sarah Darkmagic - Posted on 03 February 2010

Stella Daybringer sits on Barrinsgate's Circle of Peers as its most influential member. She has flourished in her position by engaging in trade both legitimate and dubious. Now, one of her staunchest criminal allies -- a gang leader himself -- has betrayed her, and she needs help before her connections become public. The citizens of the city are suffering as a result of the rise in gang violence, and the PCs must act quickly!

The small city of Barrinsgate has only recently become a fairly respectable trading center. It began as a ragtag bandit encampment, but over the years slowly evolved into a safe haven for shady dealings and illegal trade. Its most powerful bandit leaders grew wealthy and expanded the scope of their trade to more legitimate goods and services. In time-honored tradition, they gave themselves noble titles. The former fireside council of warlords has become the Circle of Peers, presided over by a Lord Mayor who is little more than a mouthpiece for the council. Nevertheless, bandit gangs are still a large part of the city's landscape.

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D&D 4e
Generic D&D
Wizards of the Coast
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