4e Christmas Special

Sarah Darkmagic - Posted on 16 December 2010

So, you may be wondering why you are looking at a Christmas themed 4th edition PDF? I mean, the
holidays and D&D don't usually go together. The truth is, we thought it would be fun to do. I wish had
something more profound to give you there, but that is the truth. We thought it would be a neat project
and giving it away to folks is sort of like a holiday gift to the gamers out there.

Let me clear up something real quick. This is not strictly a Christmas project. I mean it is called the 4e
Christmas Special, but honestly it is more of a general non-denominational version of the holidays. If
you are celebrating Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Yule, we still hope there is something here for you.

How should you use this resource? You will find a few delve type encounters here. There is no real
connecting story to them. They were written in such a manner so they can be dropped into any 4e
campaign. You can add them to your ongoing campaign as you please or run them as special on-shot
encounters. They range from a toy workshop encounter, to fighting a creature which steals dreams.
There is even one to save Santa himself. Feel free to reskin these to suit your needs. We are putting
them here for your amusement and enjoyment. We are also adding some feats and other items for the
players to enjoy.

The encounters are rather deliberately spread out in their level ranges. Feel free to modify them to fit
your campaign. The feats are deliberately heroic tier feats so the most people can use them. The
items are also kept in a level range for most people to be able to use them. The big theme here is
enjoy. Add or remove items as you see fit. It is a bit of game based holiday cheer for you to share.
Have fun! Spread the joy to all your gaming pals and have a fun holiday season.

As the creators of this little adventure, it is our hope you will enjoy the work we put into this. If you
have any questions, suggestions, commentary or the like, feel free to contact us.

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Samuel Dillon
Tracy Hurley
Jeff Greiner
Jeremiah McCoy
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