Hero Battle: Elminster

Sarah Darkmagic - Posted on 05 September 2010

Elminster has absorbed the Spellplague energies the Simbul once kept in check. Now he is crazy. In his insanity, he has learned he can tap the land for sustenance and power. His tapping into the geomagical power has begun to infect the nearby land with what he carries in his body, creating warping effects like those of the Spellplague. The infection is spreading, and someone must stop it ... but that means confronting Elminster himself.

If this woodland clearing ever enclosed a farm, no sign remains besides what could be a pond on the far side. In place of a house and outbuildings is a scorched crater. In the center of the crater, at its deepest point, are the blasted remains of a dragon. In the center of it all is an old, bearded man with white hair. Red robes hang in tatters about him, revealing a muscular form. An ornate scabbard hangs from his ruined belt, but the blade is in his right hand, point in the ground. He eyes you darkly, blue light flickering in his eyes. He snatches a smoking pipe from his mouth with a clack against his teeth.

Source Information
Chris Sims
D&D 4e
Forgotten Realms
Wizards of the Coast
DDI Subscription Required
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