Dungeon Crawl Classics #17.5: War of the Witch Queen

Sarah Darkmagic - Posted on 10 February 2010

For as long as intelligent races have inhabited the Northlands, the stinking sinkhole known as the Demesne of Baba Yazoth has drawn wicked villains of every sort. Baba Yazoth belonged to an informal coven of witches whose domain extended the breadth and width of the Northlands. The coven was arranged by rank, the lower ranks belonging to witches of lesser abilities and the thirteenth rank occupied by a creature known only as the Crone. Because only one witch can lay claim to each rank, membership in the coven is highly coveted by spellcasters across the North. Few know what became of Baba Yazoth, and even fewer know what rank she held among the Thirteen, but when the old witch abdicated her place in the coven, it triggered an arcane war amongst some of the mightiest spellcasters in the North. Through a twisted web of treachery, broken alliances, and outright murder, a young sorceress named Kyleth triumphed over more powerful mages and sorcerers, seizing the title of Witch Queen and laying claim to the Demesne of Baba Yazoth. Sent on a mission to slay Kyleth the Witch Queen, the heroes head toward the icy reaches of the Northlands...


A terrifying delve into the secret domain of a witch queen.
A stand-alone adventure that can be played as a sequel or prequel to DCC #17: Legacy of the Savage Kings, or on its own.
Three illustrated player handouts -- including a deck of 12 cards that is used to determine the fate of the characters!
Produced exclusively for Dundracon 30, held February 17-20, 2006 in San Ramon, California

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Harley Stroh
d20 3.5
Goodman Games
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