The Maze of Shattered Souls

Sarah Darkmagic - Posted on 18 April 2010

Deep in the heart of the Labyrinth stands an ancient structure called the Maze of Shattered Souls. The creatures that inhabit the Demon Wastes view the Maze as a place of power, for they can tap magical energy from the mortal souls trapped in its halls. In particular, the fiendish schemers known as the Lords of Dust hold the place in high regard, for they believe they can learn more of the mysterious Draconic Prophecy by studying and communing with the souls trapped in this place. Now a rakshasa has taken up residence in the Maze of Shattered Souls, seeking to amass enough power and knowledge to become the exarch of a fallen and forgotten god. With lesser rakshasas and demons as guardians and allies, he holds the Maze against intruders, jealously guarding its knowledge and power for himself. "The Maze of Shattered Souls" is an adventure for 15th-level characters.

The Demon Wastes: a blasted land cursed for countless ages by the taint of ancient evil. A land of ash and rock, harsh and unforgiving, and its few mortal residents are equally harsh. The Ghaash’kala guard the Labyrinth, preventing anyone from entering or leaving the Demon Wastes lest the taint of evil spread to the world beyond ...

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James Wyatt
D&D 4e
Wizards of the Coast
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