The Tainted Spiral

Sarah Darkmagic - Posted on 03 February 2010

“The Tainted Spiral” is a short adventure for five 1st-level characters that takes place in the Chaos Scar. The adventure is set in a spiraling network of tunnels carved a by a piece of the great meteor, called a Chaos Shard, that broke away when the comet crashed to the earth. Like the meteorite itself, the Chaos Shard is a malevolent force of chaos and evil that draws other evil creatures to it. The presence of the Chaos Shard has weakened the barrier between the world and the Far Realm, creating rifts in reality that have allowed a number of fell taints and other terrible aberrations to heed the shard’s call…

A bright bluish light emanates from two clusters of jagged crystals in this wide cavern. A small, murky pool sits in one corner, and a narrow tunnel runs away into darkness at the northern end of the cavern. The bright illumination allows you to plainly see a ghoulish sight: six humanoid corpses lay in a tangled heap in the center of the cavern. Even from this distance you can tell that the corpses have been partially devoured.

Source Information
D&D 4e
Chaos Scar
Wizards of the Coast
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