Glowstone Caverns

Sarah Darkmagic - Posted on 11 May 2010

Glowstone Caverns is a warren of goblins in the Chaos Scar. As with most things in the Chaos Scar, not everything is as simple as it appears. The mission is certainly clear: Clean out a nest of goblins. What could be more straightforward? But these are not your everyday goblins. Something strange has taken hold of the Gnawstubble tribe, and it threatens to spill out like a plague into the surrounding area. "Glowstone Caverns" is a short adventure for five 4th-level characters.

Two burly-looking goblins face a long work table, their backs to you, hacking at an indefinable object with huge cleavers. A couple of ragged-looking goblins assist them, carting about platters and tending to a cook fire. Off to the side is a mound of assorted garbage: offal, scraps of leather and metal, discarded containers, and even a mangled corpse or two.

Source Information
D&D 4e
Chaos Scar
Wizards of the Coast
DDI Subscription Required
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