Den of the Slavetakers

Sarah Darkmagic - Posted on 03 February 2010

"Den of the Slavetakers" is a short adventure for five 1st-level characters that takes place in the Chaos Scar. A slavetaking operation run by a one-armed gnoll turns out to have a truly sinister purpose: victim-gathering for death rituals performed by an underground cult of Torog. The priest of the temple on the far side of the cavern, a female halfling named Morgana, uses a small shard of the meteor to draw mutated homunculus servants out of the valley’s rock. In the mushroom-choked depths of the central chamber, myconids prepare for an assault on the temple to take the meteorite from whoever is left standing after the PCs interrupt the cultists' rituals.

A depression in the valley floor leads to a wide cavern that slopes gently downward. You don't have to be a tracker to tell that many people have walked in and out of this cavern recently, following a single-file trail -- tracks from boots and tracks from small feet, likely children or halflings. The cavern slopes gently down, turning into a wide corridor.

Source Information
Rob Heinsoo
D&D 4e
Chaos Scar
Wizards of the Coast
DDI Subscription Required
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