The Crawling Fane

Sarah Darkmagic - Posted on 28 May 2010

“The Crawling Fane” is an adventure for 3rd-level characters. It takes place in a ruined temple of the dwarven god Moradin within the Chaos Scar. The adventure pits the characters against the machinations of a crazed duergar cleric devoted to an alien deity with dominion over giant insects and other crawling monstrosities. The heroes must recover the weapon of an ancient dwarven hero, reclaim Moradin’s temple, and thwart the emergence of a new and terrible evil within the Chaos Scar.

Before you, the crumbling shape of a long-abandoned ruin juts from the wild landscape of the Chaos Scar. The ruin stands open to the sky, and its once sturdy walls are now little more than weed-choked rubble. Two towering statues, each so weathered and eroded that its features are impossible to make out, flank what was once the main entrance. It is hard to imagine this sad, forgotten structure was once sacred to the faith of Moradin.

Source Information
D&D 4e
Chaos Scar
Wizards of the Coast
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