Tome Show i4e Giveaway Announcement

Sarah Darkmagic - Posted on 07 March 2012

The kind folks over at i4e gave us some codes to giveaway to the fans of and The Tome Show. The application runs on iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad, allowing you to build your a character through the app (no DDI account needed) or upload your character builder files and view your character sheets on those devices. The app lets you track things like hit points and conditions at the table. They have a number of tutorials on their website.

i4e Features

  • Multiple characters (never be without your favorite character again as long as you have your iPhone with you).
  • Import characters from D&D Insider Character Builder .dnd4e files using the fully editable import site
  • Easily enter and track hit points, healing surges, power points, temporary hit points, milestones, action points, and item usage.
  • Track powers attack bonus, damage, and calculated critical damage.
  • Track power usage (All types of powers, as well as ones that burn healing surges or return hit points from their usage).
  • Easily accessible list of skills with the bonuses for your level and current ability scores.
  • Track Conditions, treasure, and experience

Contest Info

So, how do you enter our contest? Thanks for asking! Between now and March 11th at 11:59 pm ET, answer the quiz questions below, enter your name and email address, and submit! We'll pick 4 lucky winners on or about March 12th. As a hint, the answer to question number 3 can be found over at The Tome Show website. Keep an eye out for more hints on Temporary Hit Points, my twitter account, @SarahDarkmagic, and Jeff's twitter account, @squach.

If the quiz doesn't load for you, you can also take it here:


Send feedback using the contact form or through twitter, @sarahdarkmagic.

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