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Sarah Darkmagic - Posted on 06 February 2012


valkyrie by ~dangerousllamavalkyrie by ~dangerousllamaWhat I love:

  • The art gives a sense of caution and a bit of fear. I envision her in caves somewhere, keeping a watchful eye out for enemies.
  • While she has an articulated breast plate, her breasts seem fairly normal for her build and for her occupation. I grew up playing sports and still enjoy playing them today. However, I would be lying if I said that larger breasts didn't make simple tasks, like swinging a bat, slightly more difficult.
  • She has a sword and a rather normal sized one at that. I love playing characters with swords.

Heal Aura

Heal Aura by Storn CookHeal Aura by Storn Cook
What I love:

  • Like much of the art I love, this one tells a story. The story of the warrior who gets hurt and needs someone to heal isn't that new, but I love that the story involves only women, at least in the frame.
  • The camera angle is awesome because it gets everything in. My eye was drawn first to the huge helmet with the axe through it and then back to the cleric doing a great job protecting the fallen warrior.
  • The art leads to more questions than answers. Who put that hammer through her helmet? Why isn't the creature attacking them now? Will the cleric be able to heal her?

Paladin and the Demon

Paladin and the Demon by ~AerythesPaladin and the Demon by ~AerythesWhat I love:

  • She's in armor appropriate for her class, paladin, and for going up against a demon, especially one with claws and teeth like that one.
  • She's toe-to-toe with a demon! She looks determined and, most importantly to me, she's not interested in anything else other than killing the demon.

The Cave

The Cave by ~diegodealmeidaThe Cave by ~diegodealmeidaWhat I love:

  • Again, story! The warrior went out in search of some food. He found a rabbit and was bringing it back to his shelter in the cave when two big trolls set upon him. Now the hunter has turned into the hunted.
  • I also had an instant connection with the man. I love artwork that makes me worry about the fate of the hero. Right now, the poor guy is surprised. He has dinner in one hand and his sword is still sheathed on his back. I want to know what happens next.

I'm adding much of the artwork I love to my Pinterest account.

Awesome images, girlfriend, right there with you!

The genre mixing is all kinds of wrong for D&D, but I especially love the Oct. 5 & 6 (2011) entries from the womenfighters tumblr. I need a chance to go digging looking for some images I can endorse on my own.

This is a really great synopsis, if you will. I think that there is a lot to be said about the things that people can learn when they do enough research to make their products and their craft realistic.

I very much enjoy the Heal Aura, it has the look of classic 1981-ish D&D art and the depth from the sword hilt, to the helmet to the people is fantastic. Didn't realize the fallen warrior was a women, looks like a man to me. The Cave is also very evocative, but the scene looks to be one of cold, (icicles in the back ground, white rabbits live in snowy environments) yet the man is shirtless. Feels a bit forced.

To be honest, it doesn't really matter if the artist intended the fallen warrior to be a man or a woman. I interpreted the person as such and used the work to illustrate more of what I want: artwork that tells a story and scenes with more than women, perhaps even some with no men.

What I'd like to ask is that we focus on the positives of the artwork, instead of going into negatives. It's not easy finding artwork with women in it as it is that isn't also meant either to sexualize the woman or to present sexiness, that in my opinion, is out of context.

I'm all for more women in artwork that isn't sexualized, and you've done a great job to highlight the content here, but is it doing said artwork any favors to ignore it on a critical level? Should we simply fawn over it because it does what we want it to do? Is that even art at that point? I'm not being sarcastic, I'm honestly asking.

The purpose isn't to critique the artwork but to provide examples of what I mean when I say certain things. I'm not fawning over it, I am saying which parts I love about it. If you would like to critique the art, feel free to do so on your own blog, but that's not the purpose of these posts.

"If you would like to critique the art, feel free to do so on your own blog,"

Good idea. I just did. Sorry if I wrecked your blog with critical thought. I honestly wasn't trying to.

No worries, although you did misrepresent the discussion here. *shrugs*

Are you familiar with ? I don't love every picture they put up, but there are some solid ones there.

Some I like from that blog: ( )

And two I knew about already:

Yup, I'm aware. Some of the pictures from the last post came from the The issue for me is while that tumblr is awesome and sticks to women in more reasonable armor, a fair number of the pictures have elements of sexualization or other things that aren't my style. So this is a chance for me to show what I'm into. Thanks for sharing the items you like!

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