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Sarah Darkmagic - Posted on 17 November 2011

I have some great news to share with all of you and a huge favor to ask.

The short version:
Good News: Wizards of the Coast is starting a new column on their website to highlight the contributions of the D&D community.
Better News: I get to write it!
Best News: You get to take part!

Every two weeks, half of my column will be about a topic, like modern fairy tales or gamer resolutions, that touches on our community and game, directly or indirectly. The other half will be links to articles, resources, videos, etc, often from community members just like you.

I’m really excited about this project and can’t wait to share the articles I’ve been working on. But there’s just one catch. I have no idea what to name it.

That’s where you come in. I’d love to hear your suggestions because at the end of the day, this column is about you and the hard work you put into making the game awesome. Feel free to leave a comment, send a tweet to @sarahdarkmagic, or write an email to Just get them to me by Sunday, November 20th. If I get too many ideas and can’t choose between them, I’ll create a quick poll and post it here.


Diplomacy Check

Diplomacy Check sounds like a great idea!

I'll third Diplomacy Check, which is almost better than the one I'd come up with (especially if you're going to be edition-agnostic, Tracy)

My other suggestion was going to be Never Split the Party.

Yup, edition-agnostic, although it will take me a little while to get a steady stream of non-4e stuff.

Congrats on the article Tracy! Looking forward to the series.

Sounds awesome! My suggestion for the name: Adventuring Party

Papercraft scenery and props (download, print, cut, and assemble at home!)

Oops! Misread the request. Sorry!

Trying again: "That's how we roll!"

Tales from the Tribe

Sounds like a great project! Best of luck.

My name suggestion: Community of Heroes


Idea: Called Shots

"Called Shots" is a great idea!

"Called Shots" gets my vote.

Darkmagic Dialogue
Sarah Speaks
Talk With Tracy
Darkmagic's Roundtable

Thanks everyone! Those are some good suggestions. I have my work cut out for me. :)

I think you should call it Bardmoot. The idea is the Entmoot from Lord of the Rings, where the Ents got together to discuss important things.

Your column sounds like a collection of story tellers, ancient and new coming together for discussion with you bridging the gap.


Some ideas:
Building Community
Community Tavern
Of Heroes & Community
Community Corner
All Together Now
All for One, One for All
Roll to Assist
Group Check

And, purely for humor:
Dungeons & Dungeons ;-)
Please Don't Troll Me ;-)
Fire for Trolls ;-)

In my bio, I almost wrote that I am immune to fire. :P

I wouldn't mind naming it a specific tavern inn, like the Prancing Pony :)

Dungeons & Dungeons Essentals!

Suggestions from Twitter:

Joining the Party
Aid Another
Dispatches from the Astral Sea
RPG: Real People Game
Community Chest
Synergy Bonuses
Perception Check
Darkmagic's Library
Ten Thousand Owlbears And A Typewriter

& You

Extends the iconic ampersand of D&D into an inclusive, personal community.

How about "Pleading the 5th"? It sure seems they are headed that way.

I thought that 'Community Chest' would be a good name, referencing the monopoly card but also playing off the d&d treasure association. You could have a wee treasure chest overflowing with gold etc in the title line of the column.

I admit, I'm a little nervous about the sexual references that could be made with that one.

Here are a few humble suggestions for the column. I tried to tie in a "community" and "online" themes.

Sarah Darkmagic Seeks Rumors
Seeking Rumors with Sarah Darkmagic
Seeking Rumors
Knowledge Checks
Allies in Aura
Trustworthy Fellows ("You look like trustworthy fellows!")
Heroes & Heroines of the Community Realm
Bards, Bloggers & Bytes
Dragon Bytes ("Bytes" seems a bit "too 90s" but could be fun)
Portending Portals
Portend Portals (I like these if you equate "Internet link" with "Portal")
The Summoning
Call to Arms
An Adventuring Party (works on various levels of meaning)

Send feedback using the contact form or through twitter, @sarahdarkmagic.

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