Sarah Darkmagic - Posted on 03 March 2024

Art Work - PlanetsArt Work - Planets

So, a lot of stuff happening here in the land of Sarah Darkmagic.

First, I recently joined a local artists' group and we had our first show at a local cafe. For those who may not have seen my other social media stuff, I've been working with various media for several years now. It's been my main source of creative outlet after some of the events in the mid 2010s.

At the opening reception, I sold my first piece! As I was chatting with the buyer, it turns out he is a gamer too and said my piece reminded him of Traveller. I have a website with examples of my artwork at TracyHurley.com.

Second, I was asked to provide an affidavit in the case between Smith and Nagy. I wrote up my experiences with Zak over the past dozen or so years. At first, it looked like he was going to challenge me but when the Zoom call started, the judge let me know my time was no longer required. It appears that Zak's side withdrew the challenge and my affidavit is going to the judge as is.

Putting together the affidavit was hard because I still have a lot of trauma related to what happened. But doing it, while hard, has left me wanting to write again, which is really nice.

For the Tome Show, we just recorded our book club episode on the newish Dragonlance novel, Dragons of Fate. I was able to finish this one however, it's left me pretty confident at this point that Dragonlance isn't for me. Next up, we're reading Dungeons & Dragons - The Fallbacks - Bound for Ruin (affiliate link) by Jaleigh Johnson, whose books I absolutely adore.

We've also been working on reviewing the Book of Many Things, part of the Deck of Many Things release(affiliate link). In the past, there's been a rush to try to read an entire book for a podcast episode, which I have struggled with in part because it's super hard for me to read dense gaming books in that way and even harder for me to recall what I read on demand. This time we're doing more episodes with just a few chapters at a time which I'm enjoying much more.

I'm taking an art journaling course called Wanderlust by Everything Art. It's a year-long course with lots of interesting lessons, one per week. Here are two examples of recent spreads.

Art Journal - Depth of LayersArt Journal - Depth of Layers

Art Journal - HealingArt Journal - Healing

Finally, Shadow of the Weird Wizard (affiliate link) by Robert Schwalb recently released. I backed it on Kickstarter and have been reading through it as I get time. I'm enamored with the health vs damage system and hope to write up my thoughts on it soon.

Hopefully I'll be back to writing and playing more often but juggling a 7 year old, a full-time job, and everything isn't easy. Hope you all are hanging in there!

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