Group Story Telling

Sarah Darkmagic - Posted on 19 May 2010

At my table, I like spreading around the story telling fun. Building off of each other not only takes the pressure off of me, but leads to some really great ideas. Fortunately I have a group that is likes to tell stories or is at least willing to amuse me. Tonight, we had a great opportunity for one of those collaborative story telling moments.

In the preview for this week's game, an NPC offered the group rings in exchange for taking up her cause as Defenders of the Light. She mentioned that she hoped that they would meet a better fate than the previous wearers of the rings. This set up a great dream sequence where the PCs would appear to be the former ring wearers. For simplicity, they kept their own powers and stats. I then gave them the opportunity to create the characters. What race were they? What did they look like? What were their names? This took a huge workload off of me and I can use the answers to those questions in the story going forward.

Not only did it help me, but I bet the players are going to be more interested in the story line from now on. I look forward to doing more of these experiments in the future.


Group storytelling is the best! Once our group started doing it, we never looked back to DM-centred narration. :)

Great use of the Dream Sequence,

It can even be used for a "prequel" episode, where they play the previous owners..

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