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Sarah Darkmagic - Posted on 23 March 2010

Since playing in the D&D Encounters session last Wednesday, organized play is a lot less scary for me. This is a good thing with PAX East coming up in just a few days. This past Saturday I went in to check out D&D Worldwide Game Day for Player's Handbook 3 at Pandemonium Books & Games in Cambridge, MA. And, since I knew I was going this time, I had my player's handbook and dice all ready for play. It's a good thing I went too, one of the other people from my group, Mike, also showed up and we were able to play together in the first game. Mike actually posted about his experiences on his site and, even more importantly, he has pictures, including one of me. Not only did I play in that first game at noon, but I stuck around to play again at 6pm.

Overall, I really enjoyed it. The number one bit of awesome for me was that it started in medias res. That really helped calm my nerves and helped me focus the list of things I could do. In addition, the DM of my first game, @aethanbear, is incredibly funny and knowledgeable and I really would love it if everyone had the opportunity to play with him.

I decided to make it a day of firsts as much as possible, so I decided to try out the defender in the first game, playing the Wilden Battlemind. While it helps if your defender rolls a higher initiative (sorry guys), I had no problem playing the character and I think I did a decent job with the tactics. And while the points system was new to me, I don't remember being unsure about how many to use or when. Lastly, during the skill challenge I had to do an intimidate check, and I loved the mental picture of the Wilden puffing out her leaves to appear larger.

For the second game, I gave the half-elf ardent a whirl. The ardent is a pretty good generalist, which I tend to like, but it definitely felt harder for me to play. There are a lot more team mechanics choices that go into deciding which of his powers to use, namely a decision tree of healing, moving, and debuffing. Adding on top of that the power points system, I definitely had to pause more often to figure out what to do. I think I handled it pretty well, but I might steer new people away from that character class.

The adventure gave me a ton of ideas on things to bring into my own game and really helped me understand just how great terrain effects can be in a game. I can't wait for the games during PAX East. I live in the area and should be around Thursday night through Sunday. If things get too late, I might just beg, borrow or steal a bit of hotel room floor to sleep on.


Yeah, the new leaders have a lot of stuff to keep track of, but the after a few combats the power point thing becomes easier to handle. Although with the new items, you can augment magic item effects as well, which may make them confusing again.

Do you like playing or dming better?

I love dming. In addition to all the awesome stuff like story creation and world building, it forces me to be more extroverted and come out of my shell. When I play, I'm worry about messing up someone else's hard work and tend to be a lot quieter. That said, I know our particular group is full of people who like to DM so I'm not against being a player again. I might have some requests about character development and the like though.

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