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Sarah Darkmagic - Posted on 20 August 2010

I can't believe the amount of time that has elapsed since I last wrote one of these. However, I'm ecstatic about breaking this drought by talking about Robert Schwalb's blog.

From the start of my D&D "career", I've heard wonderful things about this man. I followed with glee the tweets and blog posts of those who were lucky enough to meet him. He's a prolific writer and while I try to read everything he writes, I still have a lot of catching up to do. And his blog is making this even more difficult. Recently I've felt like I should take down my little shingle and just direct people to his posts because they are that good.

Not only are his posts full of good advice, he lets his own personality shine through. He talks about his fears, his gratitude, his weaknesses, his industry and his preferences. Whenever I see that he has a new post up, I feel compelled to stop what I'm doing and read it. His productivity is hurting mine.

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I hope you give his site a try and enjoy it as much as I have!


At your recommendation, I checked out Robert's're definitely is simply awesome. Also, congratulations on your new official co-hosting duties in podcast land. My wife loves hearing a female gamer's voice amongst the many male voices, so she doesn't feel like the only woman to roll a d20. Keep up the most awesome job.


Awesome! I'm glad you like it and thanks for the kind words. I'm also glad my participation helps other women in the hobby. :)

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