Black Rock Bandits

Sarah Darkmagic - Posted on 12 July 2011

Black Rock BanditsBlack Rock BanditsBlack Rock Bandits, my second 6-pack adventure, is out. The band of misfits have been plaguing the King's Road for years, collecting tolls from the caravans as they passed through the Black Rock Hills. This time, however, the caravan leader wouldn't pay and a fight broke out. Several guards were lost in the ensuing fight, along with one of the wagons. However, the remaining guards didn't walk away empty handed; they captured one of the bandits. Unfortunately, he seems a bit out of his mind at the moment. Can you put an end to the notorious Black Rock Bandits? Will you uncover the secrets of their hideout, an old ruin from a forgotten time?

6-Pack adventures provide everything you need to fill 2 to 4 hours of gaming. They come with battle maps, tokens and pre-generated characters. For this adventure, the maps on the front and back work side by side to create a complete mini-dungeon. Also, I limit the pre-generated characters to player options available in player's handbook 1 and 2 for easy reference.

I had a lot of fun working on this adventure. Trying to fit a dungeon on two 8"x11" maps was interesting to say the least. I added a few areas to explore outside of the encounter areas. Here's one.

F. Shrine to Yeenoghu – Long ago, worshippers of Yeenoghu fastened the bones of their victims to the wall in the form of the triple-headed flail. Thick, red water seeps from a crack in the wall above the flail, giving the appearance of blood dripping from the heads of the flail.

J. Hope’s Bedchamber – A feather bed, complete with four posts and bed curtains fills the southeast corner of the room. Across from it is a small dresser, with a silver brush and mirror set, inlaid with semi-precious stones (set worth 50 GP).

You can buy the adventure at RPGNow.

I want to thank all the people who helped me playtest and edit before it was sent to Postmortem Studios.

Jonathan Misner
David Flor
Daniel Fiore
Eric Paquette
Andrew Gatlin
Alex Mason
Brenda Samler
Steve Maguire
William McDougall

Jim White
Michael Mallen


This is currently on my wish list, will probably hit the buy button later today when I'm in front of my desktop.

A related question: do you know if anyone has yet produced Essentials versions of the pre-gens from your first 6-Pack adventure?

- Neil.

I don't know of anyone who has. Let me know if you create some.

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