Arcadia Preview: Waking from a Dream

Sarah Darkmagic - Posted on 23 May 2010

During the previous session, the PCs had a dream wherein their appeared like the former Defenders of the Light. More information about that session can be found in Dream a Little Dream of Terror. In this preview, one of the PCs gets a bit more info about the Defenders of the Light and a strange new prophesy.

A book falls from Birkalis' table, waking him with a start. It lands
hard on its spine and falls open. As he bends over to pick it up, his
eye is drawn to the illustration on the page. It depicts the door in
his dream and displays the same carving. In the foreground stands a
small boy, his shadow splashed across the wall behind him, taking the
form of a man wearing a crown. Before the boy's shadow, is another
one, kneeling before him. The source of the other shadow remains
unseen. Above the door is carved the words, "When he is born, even
the Shadow will kneel."

The illustration is in a chapter called The Sealing. While it
mentions the Shadow, it refers the reader to other books for
descriptions of the creature. Instead, this chapter focuses on the
eclectic band of heroes who gave their lives to ensure the Shadow
could not escape and wreck havoc on the land ever again. The prophesy
is repeated here as well, again with the dire warning that the Shadow
will devour the lands if it escapes.

The chapter also mentions one lone survivor of the group, an eladrin
who was able to use the sacrifice of his fallen friends to seal the
door and hold in the Shadow. Their sacrifice gave him the power
needed to perform magic far above his level. The experience also left
him mad, and after returning with the rings and other personal effects
of his friends, he founded a temple in the western woods dedicated to
the light. He spent the rest of his life making sure no shadow
crossed his path again, filling the rooms of the temple with light so
bright the sun seemed pale in comparison and day was never-ending.

When Birkalis is done reading this chapter, he tries to find the books
mentioned in the chapter, but empty spaces occupy the spots where he
would expect to find them. With the search fruitless, he returns to
reading of the elven history of Arcadia.

The rest of the party sleeps through the remaining night without
event. They awake the next morning to a chambermaid opening the
curtains in their rooms, allowing the sun in. The light feels warm
and comforting as it hits their skin. She also opens the windows, and
the gentle breeze brings with it the hint of lilacs. She informs them
that hot baths have been drawn and breakfast is being prepared.

When they assemble for breakfast, Elessandra takes them aside. She
mentions that Lilith is feeling a bit better, and may join them for
the meal, but they must keep their questions short and they mustn't
ask her about the shadow. With that, she opens the dining room doors
and the group is treated to a wondrous feast of fresh fruit, sausages,
bacon, lots of bread and fresh juice. The crew of the boat is there,
along with 4 dwarves who look familiar but were not members of the
crew. They announce they are the four dwarves who were petrified by
the coral and thank the party for rescuing them from the water's
depths. One of them presents an ornate key and says that it is one of
the artifacts the previous boat captain was attempting to smuggle out
of Andernach. He has no idea where it goes to, but it is the only
payment he can offer.


Sarah Darkmagic when are you going to move to the west coast so I can play in one of your campaigns? There are tons of tech jobs over here, and you might be able to talk WotC into creating that Head Newbie position you were talking about a few months ago.

Keep up the good work. I'm aways a fan of letting the players get right into a storyline by creating the story! Its always fun to hear when players talk about past campaigns because they got so engrossed, "Remember that one time at bandcamp!" kind of thing. This is one way of having that happen! ;)

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