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Sarah Darkmagic - Posted on 05 February 2010

Being a GM can be hard. Games can take a lot of time to plan, especially if you are designing foes and encounters from scratch, drawing your own maps and creating all your own NPCs. At least, those are some of the problems I run into when planning my own game. Pre-written adventures are great, but not every group is keen on them and it seems like finding suitable ones is half the battle. With that in mind, I started an adventure database to help me in my planning and I wanted to share what I've created with the rest of you.

The database is still in its infancy, with about 175 modules spanning from early D&D to today. Since I run a 4e game, it's heavily populated by D&D modules in general and 4e in specific. Since my hope is to continue to grow this into a much larger resource, I thought I should outline my initial goals and how people might be able to help.

Initial Goals

  • Add as many adventures as possible with title, level information, author, publisher, system and published setting.
  • Figure out a system for keeping up with new adventures as they are released.
  • Work with the community to determine what additional information is desired and how to collect and add that information in a way that helps both people using the content (e.g. GMs) and the people producing the content (e.g. authors, graphic artists, developers and publishers).

How You Can Help

  • Game Masters and Players: Use the adventure database. Let me know what's wrong, what's missing and what can be better. Let your friends know about it. And, most importantly, if you find it useful, let me know. It takes a fair bit of work to add in this data and it would be nice to know if further development would be useful to others.
  • Publishers: Let me know how much information you are comfortable with sharing. Ideally, I would love to tag each adventure with additional information such as location, maps included, monster types, level of magic, etc. This sort of information will be of great use to your audience without giving away the store.
  • Authors: I'm creating a page for each author which will list their works, but which would also ideally include a bio, a pic, links and social media tools like a twitter handle. If you could send me information you would like to have included, that would be great.
  • Retailers: Tell me you exist. I want to add links to a number of places where people can purchase these adventures. If you don't have an affiliate program, don't worry. This is about giving the customer choice.

To Infinity and Beyond

My goal is to help game masters pinpoint adventures that contain information they can use in their current campaign. This information could be a complete module, a map, an NPC or adventure hook, a skill challenge or the like. Thus, one of my near-term goals is to increase the types of information available about the adventures. However, I'll need help to do this. Over the next few weeks, I'm hoping to figure out the best way to make it possible for interested community members to enter data. Since I want this data to be easily searched along a number of facets, a wiki is probably not the best way to go. Also, until we have enough people who can help monitor for spam, completely open editing will probably pull too much of my time away from more important things such as feature development.

Finally, just a quick note about affiliate programs. Yes, some of my links have affiliate codes in them. The site takes money and time to put together and run. So far, all of the money I've made from this site has gone on to purchase more gaming supplies and pay for the cost of the server. I don't see that changing any time in the near future as there are lots of cool books and tools out there.

Great idea... I had been working on something similar for a while now with my own collection. Maybe I can get it into some XML format to send over.

One thing I'd really like is to sort on adventure level, so if I know I need a 3rd level for the party, I can see all the 3rds available and choose.

I'd love any data you have. Thanks!

For the adventures with level information, I added that information in a format that can be filtered. So that part should be all set now.

Originally, I was adding the level information in a way that would have made it difficult to filter. For instance, it wouldn't know that one might want to see adventures with levels 7-10 when filtering on level 8. I'm working on converting the older entries, but I'm not done yet. However, I did add to the UI the ability to filter so as soon as I'm done with the conversion, you'll be able to filter them based on level, at least with a simple filter (e.g. < x, > x, == x).

Do only gaming laptops have dedicated graphic cards ? gigel chel

Send feedback using the contact form or through twitter, @sarahdarkmagic.

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