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Newham Shire Adventure Log: Time is Critical

Our band of adventurers heads back to Derby after convincing Aurora Darkmagic to come with them. Back at the Crown and Arrows, they run into Anka. In the processing of catching up, Birkalis says something that upsets Ralph and the chicken storms out. At Banna’s suggestion, the group figures it’s a good idea to go to the keep and let Lord Alric know that they have found Aurora and see if perhaps he can help them get rid of A Goblin’s body. When they approach the front door of the keep, it yells out its normal warning of “Guards! Guards!” Most of the group is used this this, although Anka has never been subjected to it before.

Although they ask mainly to speak with Lord Alric, Lady Margaret accompanies her husband. She doesn’t look too great although it’s hard to tell if it’s due to the festivities from the previous night. Anka is extremely interested in Lady Margaret’s state and she asks if she might be able to touch the pregnant woman’s stomach. Lady Margaret consents, but as Anka touches Margaret’s stomach, the lady collapses. Lord Alric asks Banna and Birkalis to assist in bringing Lady Margaret to their chambers and they quickly do so. The party makes some heal checks to see what might be ailing the poor lady, and determine that she is going into early labor. Finnan leaves on Chompers to get Cordelia and Banna looks around the chamber.

While he is inspecting a painting, Banna disappears and a human wizard appears in his place. This newcomer quickly identifies himself and while he and the rest of the party are talking and attempting to figure out what just happened, Cordelia arrives. Cordelia confirms the diagnosis of early labor and states that she has some medicine to help with this, but she has just enough for a day or two and needs Black haw to make more. The group asks if there is any place nearby where they can get some and Cordelia replies in the affirmative and shows them approximately where it is. The group quickly leaves to find this material.

On their way to the area where the Black haw grows, they stop to take a short rest. Out of nowhere, a wolf appears from behind some trees. Around the same time, a couple clouds of golden motes appears near the party. A few moments later, two panthers also appear. The group soon guesses that the wolf is no ordinary wolf, but rather a werewolf in disguise. Eventually, they are able to overpower and kill the wolf and panthers, but not before 3 of them contract moon frenzy.

Given their wearied state, the group takes a look at their map, and determines the best course is to head towards a local manor house. When they get there, they notice that it’s a pretty nice, well-kept house. They knock at the door and an Elven woman appears. They explain who they are and what has happened and ask for shelter for the night. She seems very keen on learning more about the animals that attacked the party but allows them to sleep in the guest quarters. She explains that they are in the process of moving in and that her master is not home at present as he is out hunting. The group heads up stairs to rest.

Around 5 am, the group is awoken by the sound of people downstairs. Rested, they go down to check it out. There they meet Lord Byron, master of the manor. Upon the mention of the killing of the werewolf and panthers, it’s obvious that Byron tenses a bit but he shows no other signs of being upset. There is a bit of a tense conversation between he and Finnan. In the end, he invites them back another night to go hunting.

After that, they go back to town and give the Black haw to Cordelia to make more potions for Lady Margaret, who is feeling a bit better. When they get back to the Crown & Arrows, they see Ralph there, sporting a new purple silk cloak and a dagger among other goodies. He is sitting at a table with a number of women, playing poker. It is obvious that the women aren’t doing well at the game. One of the women turns to the rest of the group and asks, “Are these the men you were telling us about?”

Newham Shire Adventure Log: Snakes in a Temple

When we last left our band of noble, and not so noble, adventurers, they had just defeated the evil Oni C C Clementime and her goblin assistant, A Goblin. After killing the goblin, they come downstairs and rummage through the items in the evil doers rooms. In the goblin’s room, they don’t find much beyond the stink of filth and a book, Dragons of Depravity by Friar Hyckum. In Clementime’s room, they find a locked safe. Finnan attempts to disable the safe but takes a blast of fire instead. Inside and unharmed are Clementime’s personal papers. The team grabs these and continues downstairs.

One of the first things they notice upon getting to the first floor is the female lizardfolk who was sneaking through the library with a boy before everything went crazy. Two other lizardfolk, who appear to be her parents, are chastising her, saying things like “Why would you sneak off like that, particularly with a boy you don’t know” and “We thought something terrible had happened to you.” Beyond these three, there is just a general current of uncertainty over what just happened.

The group goes outside to try to retrieve (and probably loot) the body of Clementime. When they get within 200 yards, they see a large creature who looks very much like Clementime, lift a body and sling it over its shoulder. It hears the advancing party members and disappears into thin air.

After talking to the lizardfolk some more, and receiving two more books, The Tower of Lilith and Kalthor the Dragon, the group heads back to town. They stop at the keep to tell Lord Alric and Lady Margaret the news. When they approach the door, the door again cries for the guards once it sees them. Lady Margaret is the first to respond to their request of an audience. There is a dinner party going on and even in her state, she is quite tipsy. Although the sight of the dead goblin has quite the affect on her, she is glad to know that A Goblin won’t be bothering her anymore. Lord Alric is also pleased to hear that things are probably going to be better with the Lizardfolk.

When they return to their rooms, they seem a now familiar sight. Bampfylde Moore Carew is in their room waiting for them. They go over the papers that they retrieved and show Bampfylde the portrait. He recognizes it right away as Aurora Darkmagic, the rebelious youngest daughter of Sirius Darkmagic. He states that there is a reward for her safe return. In addition to that news, the group learns from the letters that C C Clementime was part of a much larger group: her brother, Darius Clementime, ...

After meeting with Bampfylde, the group decides to take part in the festivities going on in the tavern. Through various performances, they are able to raise some gold coins and they use some of them to buy drinks for all those present.

The next day, the group decides to hunt down Aurora Darkmagic. They find the temple she’s been in without incident. When they enter, they are confronted by 2 fire snakes and 2 crushgrip constrictors. While the outcome was uncertain at times, they managed to defeat the snakes and get further into the temple. Deeper in the temple was a locked door. Through it they could hear the cries of a help from what sounded like a woman. Eventually they were persuaded to unlock the door and inside they found Aurora Darkmagic, a bit parched and a little hungry.

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