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Sarah Darkmagic - Posted on 18 November 2010

For those who don't know, I'm attending DDXP in January. I'll write more about it later but the big news is that I'm writing 2 adventures for the con. The first one is for the DM Challenge. I have no idea what I'm doing for that one yet, but the challenge itself is to write a Gamma World adventure.

For the other one, I'm writing an adventure using Essentials and whatever I can cook up in that wacky brain of mine. Here is the description I sent the organizer Dave:

Dream a little dream...of death

What was supposed to be a time for rest and reflection has turned into a nightmare. Fear grips the small lakeside town of Tranquility. People are dying in their sleep. Those who wake the next morning recall strange and terrifying dreams. The lack of sleep has everyone on edge and eager to point fingers or exchange blows. Can you put an end to the madness before it goes too far?

The adventure will be level 4. If you are going and want to play, remember to sign up. I believe event pre-registration starts on Sunday. The events page has the time slots when I'll be running it.


In this wide world of coincidences, I am running a pair of games at a local con (TempleCon), also Gamma World and an Essentials game. I've never run GW and only played once, so I can't see how it could possibly fail.

TempleCon in Rhode Island? When is that?

February 4-6, and it looks like the RPG offerings might be a little bit light. Still, I'm gonna try to get in on as many games I've never played before as I possibly can.

I'll see if I can make it down. :)

If you are able to come, will you consider running a game? Even a pick-up game would be great!

Just signed up for DDXP Dream a little dream...

I am looking forward to it!

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